2 Cubes & 1 Tunnel £26.99

1 Cube & 1 Tunnel £16.99

1 Tunnel £16.99

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Made from Cardboard

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Dimensions: Cube 36cm x 36cm x 36cm - Cat Portal Diameter 20cm. Tunnel is 20cm X 46 cm (Even "Fluffy" cats can easily get through) and they have fun doing it.

You've heard of the Dartford Tunnel, you've heard of the Euro Tunnel... but they are boring! Why? Because they don't have cats!  Now you too can marvel at how so much fluff can shoot from one pod to the next undetected! (Queue The Great Escape music)  Your fur-baby can orchestrate sneak attacks on toes and unsuspecting felines all while safe in their pods. And you can build any shape you can imagine to suit your home and personality.

They come flat packed with easy to follow instructions.

This means they can also be easily unfolded and stored.​​


2 Cubes & Tunnel

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​​​Personalise your cat pod - With your cats name which comes printed on high quality vinyl which is easy to attach.

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