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​​EXTRAStrong Catnip


£2.99 for 1 envelope   

£5.99 for 1 Large bag

£6.99 for 5 envelopes

NEW£8.99 Catnip in a Tub

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Envelope dimensions 8cm x 5.5cm, Weight 5-6 gram
5 bags is approx 25grams - 1oz
1 Large bag is approx 25grams​

Large Tub is approx 30grams,

in a re sealable container

Our specially imported catnip is a full bodied, well matured cat nip, aged in specific conditions and dried at the height of its potency when its full of natural oils. Ones feline will find our extra strength cat nip….JUST freaking awesome!!

So fresh and so strong no cat is known to resist the temptation of our EXTRA strong catnip.

Catnip is a member of the mint family and contains harmless oils that give cats a buzz a bit like an ice cold glass of wine for a human. Well this catnip is no plain chardonnay, no it is more like a Pinot Grigio, packed full of taste and is irresistible.
So why not de-stress your cat with a sprinkle of Cat FurNature EXTRA strong catnip

and enjoy their crazy antics!