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- Cat Grass grows quicker in warmer temperatures, however direct sun will dry out the container and will need more watering
- Keep the high quality soil/compost damp, however seeds must not float like rice crispies in milk. Soil must not dry out, cats do not like deserts nor do seeds.
- The warmer its is, the more light there is the quicker your grass will grow, however a trip to the beach is not advisable for the seeds
- Grass takes 4 to 5 day for shoots, 7 to 10 days for 2 inches and will last another 10 to 14 days depending on the conditions, but will never grow into a gigantic bean stalk.
- It’s advisable to start the next container when you put this one somewhere for your cat, that way you can have a continuous cycle of good healthy delicious grass for your fur baby. Please note your cat is unlikely to finish all the grass, do not wait for your cat to finish all its vegetables on its plate before it is allowed its next meal.
-To get the best growth do not walk on the grass and do not allow ball games.
- Do not mix cat grass with magic beans, as this would create unknown results.
- If you share the grass with your goat or cow there won’t be much grass left for your cat.

Growing Tips

Easy Grow Cat Grass Kits


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All the components of our Cat Grass Kits are made or grow in the UK.

We use Wheatgrass seeds grown for human consumption on a local family run farm

Grown your own Cat Grass, its Simple, Easy and a necessity. Cat Grass in 4 to 5 days. Our NEW refill packs allow you to use your own container, a coffee mug works well. These can now fit through your letter box and are sent Royal Mail.

Grass is completely indigestible to cats so why do they eat it? Most scientists believe that in the wild cats will ingest grass to help them pass or throw up the indigestible parts of pray, like hair and teeth, which protects their digestive system from blockages. You may also notice that your cat eats grass and then very soon after vomits.

This is to help regurgitate the hair they have swallowed when they clean.

If you have ever felt the raspy tongue of a cat you can just imagine how much hair they end up swallowing and this can be very uncomfortable for them.

No one wants to clean up cat vomit but atthe same time not providing grass can lead to expensive vet bills and unhappy cats. This is especially important for indoor cats and cats living in countries where the weather can keep them indoors for extended periods.

It may even save your house plants!