​​These real wood cat stratchers are now in stock

Normal SIZE

Dimensions 35cm x 35cm wooden base with a 50cm tall post - Cat Post Diameter 14cm

Large SIZE
Dimensions 44cm x 44cm wooden base with a 100cm tall post - Cat Post Diameter 14cm

We strive to reduce waste and create products that are environmentally friendly and recyclable while still making happy cats. It was with that in mind that we designed our new Cat Scratcher.

It has a solid wood base and post with strong fixtures which means it will last a long time. You can also pick your colour so that it matches your décor. The length of the post will suit most cats and kittens but please get in contact if you have a particularly large cat as we can work with you to make it to order.

 The scratcher disks are made from responsibly sourced cardboard that can be regularly replaced and either recycled or composted, so now you don’t need to throw away your scratcher when it looks used, just replace the scratcher disks! Purrfect! This could be the last scratching post you ever need to buy.

All this is made right here in the UK so you can be assured of the quality and are supporting local industry.

Why do cats need something to scratch?

Your fur-baby’s natural instinct is to regularly sharpen their claws around their territory (your home!). This serves two purposes –

It gently removes old or broken nails casings
It leaves their scent and marks telling the world “THIS IS MINE!”

That is great for Mr Tibbles but not so good for your couch or your carpets! That is why it is a good idea to provide your cat with something they can scratch without getting in trouble.

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