​​​Personalise your cat pod - With your cats name which comes printed on high quality vinyl which is easy to attach.

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Dimensions 35cm x 35cm x 35cm - Cat Portal Diameter 20cm

This set comes with 2 of our very popular cat cubes plus our new add on cube which has 3 holes. This special cube gives you the creative power, it is the final piece if the puzzle, the corner stone, the cardboard key to success! This pod has three holes to make planning what routes can be taken in your cardboard creation easier.

Our ever popular cardboard cat cubes have always come with only two entrance holes. In testing most cats preferred this and the cubes were stronger and lasted longer. However as our customers built up their collection of pods and wanted to create ever more exciting structures they told us the two holes were limiting their creative designs. So we listened and created the Add On Cube with three holes, however the 2 hole cube is much stronger.

Let your imagination run wild a build your ultimate kitty castle! What will you create?


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Cardboard Cube Combo

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